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The public and professional attitudes to Alcohol related Difficulties

Wherever we work, the types of emotional difficulties with which clients present are similar. Weather or not we work in an agency speciailizing in alcohol, drugs, relationships, bereavement, sexual orientation; there are common problems for people living in todays society.
Clients may present with any combination from a wide range of emotional, cognitivebehavioural and practical difficulties. They may be overcome with grief, anger, uncertainty, depression anxiety and so on. They may have problems with their relationships, their jobs or finances.
People who have developed a problem with alcohol are still people - seeing a client with an alcohol problem does not mean that i as a counsellor will be faced with any other sort of presenting problem.
There are, however particular difficulties which relate specifically to clients alcohol consumption. These are usually concerned with two issues: that alcohol is an addictive drug which can give rise to problems with tolerance and withdrawal, dependency, craving and a strong fear about weather giving up or reducing is possible or desirable. Also the public and professional attitudes to drinking problems are so negative that clients will often find it difficult to get help when they need it.

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