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Our priority, of course is the welfare of our clients. In an ideal world, transitioning to working online involves a preparation period that completing online training that meets BACP competence for online working.

Training can be a source of support and help ensure that working this way is sustainable. In these extraordinary circumstances. There are a lot of support resources available online to support therapist to support their vulnerable clients.

Using the right platform; continuing to create a safe confidential space for you and your client, while working from home is essential. Getting the best out of sessions for your client is all considered in the online training.

Covid-19 online training specifically designed for making the transition with as little disruption  as possible for both therapist and client is invaluable.

Many Supervisors are also dealing with the challenges of quickly skilling up to work remotely, Working collaboratively on sharing skills and experience at this time can be very rewarding. For more information go to


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