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Alcohol dependence was once considered a problem associated with middle age. However, figures from the Department of Health show that alcohol dependence is now more common among younger people. For women, alcohol dependence is highest between ages 16-24, while for men it is highest between ages 25-34

The symptoms of alcohol dependence can vary from person to person. Common danger signs include:

A compulsive need to drink and a loss of control over the amount consumed in one sitting.

  • Basing all social events around alcohol and worrying where your next drink is coming from when it’s closing time.

  • Suffering from withdrawal symptoms like sweating, tremors and nausea – and then drinking alcohol to make these symptoms stop
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  • Developing a tolerance to alcohol which means you have to drink more to get the desired effect.

    If you think you have a drinking problem, speak to your GP in the first instance. Your GP will be able to help you understand better what is likely to happen to you as a result of your drinking, and refer you as appropriate to alcohol treatment programmes and support groups that can help you cut down your drinking or stop it altogether. Evidence suggests that attempts to cut down on alcohol or stopping altogether are more successful if they are supported in some way, such as by family and friends, or through counselling or a support group.







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