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Depression Anxiety and our reluctance to talk about it.

Depression is a subject many people are cautious to address head on. Mostly for understandable reasons. Even labelling a condition can be traumatising in itself. It can be difficult to admit that there are problems kicking around, let alone approach a stranger for advice on how to manage the condition. Here we highlight the understated causes and triggers, which you might not realise when going about your daily routine. The key point here is that it doesn’t take any one dramatic episode to bring on feelings of stress or depression, and that sometimes it can be triggered by a gradual change of lifestyle circumstances. In addition to being a chronic condition itself, depression can also become the catalyst for other, physical illnesses, such as high blood pressure, and chronic pain; therefore seeking the right treatment is pivotal to better mental health. Here are just four possible causes of depression, talking to someone about them can greatly reduce the effect it had on your life Work problems There are times when we all feel unappreciated for the job we serve, and it might seem like a rut that’s hard to crawl out of. But work-related pressure, be it anxiety about losing your job, or being subjected to pressure to work overtime, may be taking its toll on your long-term mental health. Stats from the UK Health and Safety Executive showed that in 2012, over 400,000 people experienced work-related stress to the point that they felt it was having a poor impact on their physical wellbeing. If your job is causing you stress, it’s a problem you and your employer need to sit down and work towards a solution that fits both your needs. Marital problems Its all so common to see a large number of couples encountering bouts of depression that can be traced back to marital problems, whether it is experienced by one partner or both, is particularly detrimental due to its merciless pattern of negativity. The more unhappy you become with your relationship, the more this can upset the quality of your marriage. One thing many people won’t accept is that they are experiencing a problem first-hand, therefore shutting down any opportunity to deal with the problem before it spirals out of control. Sexual problems It’s estimated that loss of libido affects one in five men, and is even more prevalent in women. Lets explore the relationship between those two factors. For men in particular, whether it’s ‘coming too early’ or experiencing erectile dysfunction, problems in the bedroom can lead to a lack of self-esteem, adding further pressure to perform, and leading to depression. Money problems Financial hardship is a fact of life for all of us at some point in our lives, very few are spared this feeling of dread. It’s especially common when losing your job. When these woes surface, it’s an easy escape to try and submerge those negative thoughts with a fix of alcohol or other addictive substances. Needless to say, such vices only make matters worse for the long term.

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