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How does our drinking effect how we cope with our everyday lives?

Many people mistakenly think liver disease only effects the heaviest of drinkers.

The need to communicate the facts about drinking and alcoholism to the public at large - namely, that alcoholism is a progressive disease (yes , a disease, as defined by the World health Organisation).

We need to be encouraged to look more honestly at how our drinking effects the ability to cope with everyday life - work, well-being and relationships, never mind physical health. These are the areas where denial is most insidious says Alice King who in addiction counselling.

Alice King wrote in an article on Therapy today about how we as counsellors can work to dispel the alcoholic myths, the most which is that the alcoholic is the stereotypical park bench drunk. Potential and practising alcoholics are all around us - the binge drinking teenager, the tippling mother at home, the city executive propping up the wine bar.







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