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Sex and sexuality is core to
who we are. Each of us, regardless of whether we realize it or not, have
preferred sexual styles, tastes and behaviours, as well as opinions and
attitudes about what sex is and is not.

Sexually compulsive people
often realize that they have a problem, but feel powerless to change unless
they are confronted with the consequences of their behaviour. Even after the behaviour
has been discovered, it is often difficult for the addict to break through the defences’
that have been used to shield him from understanding how out of control the behaviour
has become. There are many avenues available for individuals, couples and
families to begin regaining control, and rebuilding trust, over the pain of
sexual addiction. What is generally recommend is the following course of
treatment: psychotherapy with someone who is experienced working with sexually
compulsive individuals and their loved ones

Sometimes, much like people
who struggle with chemical dependency, there is an underlying depression and/or
anxiety that contribute to the addictive behaviour.

Whatever method one chooses
to regain control of their sexual behaviour, it is important to realize that
they are not alone. Recognizing that there is a problem is the first step
towards breaking the isolation of sexual addiction and regaining personal
dignity, rebuilding interpersonal relationships,, and developing self respect

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