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Counselling can be life changing, Its a choice.

A lot of people now accept that getting help can stop their condition from deteriorating. This view is shared almost universally – nearly 95% of those polled believe that "it is a good idea to seek counselling or psychotherapy for a problem before it gets out of hand", while 88% thought that "people might be happier if they took action to talk to a counsellor or psychotherapist about their problems" When people experience life's difficulties its easier to isolate themselves from people and hide what they are feeling. Feelings of not being able to cope or of not being able to maintain the MASK that 'everything is ok' can sometimes be perceived as a sign of weakness. This is not true but being able to acknowledge to one's self that the burden is too heavy to carry alone is a sign of strength. This is the first step in lightening the load. Doesn't getting rid of some of the weight make perfect sense? Its ok to give your self permission to share the load before the weight grinds you down to nothing.

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